Our Official Fashion Prenup Photos by Pat Dy   1 comment

As most of you know, we did our own DIY Engagement Shoot here in Ireland. Recently we also had our official prenup shoot in the Philippines with top wedding and fashion photographer, Pat Dy. Today, we finally got our hands on the pictures and we were blown away by how good it is. I’ve seen a lot of techniques that is unique only to Pat. The final pictures showed superb lighting, composition, framing, and posing … simply the best! I bow down and thank the master of photography – Pat Dy!

The pictures will not be complete with the help of our prenup team :

Hair and makeup : Lindsay and Rexie

Styling : Donna Cuna Pita

Thank you all for these unbelievably good photos! We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives!

Now, we are looking forward to see our prenup video from Bob Nicolas!

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